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Age Smart Fitness Instructors in the Laurentian Region, Morin-Heights, Saint-Sauveur, St-Adolphe-d’Howard

ASF Instructors

Lisa McLellan – Claire Valiquette – Andrea Beaulieu

Class Location

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Age Smart Fitness Center (Next to “La Grange Restaurant”)
2 Rue Meadowbrook, Morin-Heights, QC J0R 1H0

Age Smart Fitness Center


Here is a brief description of each class


One hour and 15 minutes of Hatha Yoga for breathing, centeredness and supple strength. Deep relaxation and integration with higher self. Discover well being and serenity in your everyday life.

Aqua Fitness

Enjoy exercising in the wonderful environment of water (80-82 degrees). Improve your cardiovascular fitness, tone your muscles and vitalize your spirit in both shallow and deep water. 20 minutes of cardio intervals, 20 minutes of strengthening and 20 minutes of stretching for a comprehensive, feel good training.

Qi Gong

A traditional Chinese exercise which uses breathing, concentration and movement to improve the flow of vital energy and calm the body and mind. Improve the flexibility of your tendons and ligaments, stimulate your vital functions and strengthen your legs. We will learn a sequence of 18 movements.

Nature Cardio

Enjoy your exercise outdoors! One hour 15 minutes of cardiovascular and strength training on the Aerobic Corridor. Rain or shine!

Pilates (Fusion)

This program is inspired from Pilates and a variety of other trainings such as Essentrics, Stretching, Yoga, PNF and Qigong. The movements are executed with awareness and to the rhythm of the breathe. We will work on developing long and supple muscles as well as work to improve posture in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Stretch & Strengthen (Friday)

A restorative exercise program for both men and women. Great for older adults who are more fragile or who are recovering from illness or injury. Relieve your aches and pains, augment your vital energy! Simple, effective and safe exercises in a joyful, relaxed atmosphere.

Stretch & Strengthen

This class is specifically designed to promote suppleness through strategic stretching and strengthening. Improve posture and muscle elasticity thus creating greater exibility and functional strength. This gentle yet effective approach will help reduce stifness and pain, increase range of motion and strengthen the abdominal muscles, the arms, the legs and the back. You will be delighted with the results.

Body/Mind Cardio

25 minutes of muscle building with resistance (body bar, elastics, free weights) followed by 35 minutes of a cardio training which incorporates uid movements and imagery stemming from Qigong and Tai Chi. An excellent program to strengthen your muscles and your cardiovascular system. Also great for weight loss. A pleasurable and regenerating experience.

Cardio Tai Chi

A low impact cardiovascular routine inspired by T’ai Chi movements. Improve your endurance, strength and flexibility. Get into the body/ mind flow

Combo 50+

Improve your posture, balance, flexibility and strength with a series of exercises which include weight training and low impact cardiovascular routines. The class is given in a non-competitive and joyful environment with great music. An overall tness approach which helps to prevent the onset of chronic disease, eliminate pain and build functional strength.