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Lisa McLellan - Consultant - Age Smart Fitness

Active Aging Consultant

Gyms, Health Centers, Community Centers, Senior Residences

Active Aging Program Expert

As the aging population increases new and unprecedented challenges will arise. We will have to envisage new ways to address the impact this will have our health system, the economy and our society.  The fitness industry has a vital role to play in keeping the fastest growing market worldwide healthy and fit.

My Age Smart Fitness program improves the wellness and fitness of the 50+ market and can easily be integrated into existing gyms, health centers, community centers and retirement homes. We have an expertise with regards to the non athletic and more sedentary segment of this population, which represents 75 - 80% of the market.

The package I have created provides the expertise needed to create age-friendly facilities, improve health and fitness as well as increase conversion and retention rates for an active aging clientele.  16 years of experience with this clientele has helped me understand their real needs and interests, and solve many of the challenges associated with their training.

Let me help you be part of the solution!


My program addresses these four elements:

  • aging psychology
  • training environment
  • a holistic approach
  • somatic vocabulary

The Age Smart Fitness Program:

  • Wellness versus performance
  • Opens up a new market
  • Offers a unique approach that explains the relationship between body and mind as un integrated part of fitness training.
  • Proposes an intelligent, science-backed approach to fitness routines
  • Gets lasting results
  • Offers certifications with canfitpro accreditation

The success of the ASF active aging program lies in:

  • Its solution for the aches and pains of the aging body (social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual)
  • Its capacity to transforms unconscious habits into conscious choices
  • In its functionality and safety
  • The fact that it gives lasting results
  • The fact that it teaches life balance

All these parameters lead to loyalty and excellent customer retention.

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