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Upgrade your teaching skills and renew your class content in an original way with this innovative 5 day training offered to fitness instructors, dancers, Pilates instructors and wellness coaches who want to work with Boomers and seniors - the fastest growing market worldwide.

The impact of aging on our communities and economy is posing an unprecedented challenge. The problems associated with increased longevity in a rapidly expanding aging population is creating a shift all fitness trainers will be compelled to address in the coming years. Integrating a holistic body/mind approach is a growing trend in health & wellness programs.
Keeping Boomers and seniors free of pain, active and energized contributes in a meaningful way to the social well being of our communities. Become a visionary in your field and lead the way to healthy aging! Our collective success depends on it.

Your way to improve the quality of life, health and mobility of adults by managing their pain.


Age Smart Fitness takes into consideration chronic disease
issues in the planning and development of its programs.

Flow Ball Certification

The general problems of bad posture, chronic rigidity and pain so common in adults cause many of the negative feelings associated with aging. It doesn't have to be that way. The Flow Ball program addresses these problems in a gentle but effective, “feel good” approach that transforms these negative feelings into positive experiences. Age Smart Fitness offers a 5 day Flow Ball Instructor Certification. This training will give you the knowledge, the tools and practical skills you need to keep your aging clients feeling young with confidence and success.

Flow Ball is a fluid training program which moves between stretching and strengthening in a strategic manner to eliminate pain, improve posture and increase mobility. Flow Ball connects mind and body through movement. Progressively re-patterning the body and rewiring the mind to change unconscious bad habits and attitudes into wholesome ones.

Training Content in 3 Modules

  • Module 1 Pain Relief & Relaxation

Programming developed for beginner and intermediate clients

  • Master the art of pain relief with the Flow Ball Program
  • Focus on improving stability and mobility
  • Learn innovative exercises with the Flow Ball
  • Cultivate body awareness using verbal cues and exercise
  • Understand the specific Flow Ball approach to improving posture in aging bodies

  • Module 2 Stretch and Strengthen

Programming for intermediate and advanced clients

  • Focus on improving strength and ROM
  • Learn how to incorporate greater challenge in the routines safely
  • Integrate the notions learned in Module 1 to further explore body-mind principles
  • Master new floor exercises to improve core strength in aging bodies
  • Learn how to modify, adapt and progress to offer safe and effective programs

  • Module 3 Flow Ball Magic

Creative Workshop

  • Innovative use of Flow Ball principles
  • Integrate Flow Ball content into personalized routines
  • Learn how to apply and use parts of the Flow Ball curriculum in both the Tap & Clap Cardio and Bal-Core programs

Flow Ball layers in foundational skills in the beginner program and builds to improve core strength and total body integration in the intermediate and advanced programs. Deeply relaxing and regenerating Flow Ball creates a stress free, energizing environment that is very popular with both men and women.

This certification is given in 3 modules and includes practical and theoretic components. Each module includes:

  • manual with pictures
  • written routines
  • YouTube sequences
  • music playlists
  • verbal cueing notes

A short written exam and a video for each module will have to be completed before receiving the
Flow Ball Instructor Certification.


  • FIS or PTS, or Dance / Yoga / Pilates
  • Positive Mindset
  • Compassion & Patience
  • Respect for older adults

Training Objectives

  • Offer effective and enjoyable training solutions to an aging clientele
  • Understand the Flow Ball Technique – be able to use, explain and adapt the Flow Ball program to suit the abilities of the participants
  • Understand the psychology and physical challenges of the older adult
  • Develop leadership and teaching skills, build self-confidence


  • Theory: lecture and presentations
  • Demonstration of Flow Ball concepts and program
  • Learn Flow Ball exercises, sequences & routines
  • Improve personal skills and bio-mechanical technique
  • Practical application: leading in small groups


$1250 per person and includes:

  • Instructor certificate - CEC (continuing education credits) recognized by canfitpro
  • Training Manuals
  • Music playlists
  • Youtube demonstrations of Flow Ball routines
  • Flow Ball FB group - Instructors Corner

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5 day training : $1250.00

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A few years back I was introduced to this this amazing person! Sometimes you meet someone and you hit it off. I've flown her into Toronto a number of times to come and deliver, what I believe to be the best Active Aging Training Education out there right now! Why? One reason, it comes from her tens of thousands of hrs. actually teaching the Active Aging market!

Today. Well, I could not be more proud of her. She just completed this great book, get yourself a copy. It's called: All I Really Need is My Health. And if that wasn't enough, she appeared on CTV. Watch the video.

Lisa McLellan, thank you for all you do! This one’s for you!

Kennedy Lodato
Kennedy Lodato Director of Education CFEA (Canadian Fitness Education Alliance)


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