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Tap & Clap Cardio

Tap & Clap Cardio (TCC), developed by Lisa McLellan, is a cheerful and rhythmic chair aerobics exercise program designed to invigorate and inspire older, or more fragile seniors. Lisa uses this innovative approach to create simple, fun and effective exercise experiences that motivate seniors to move and feel good.

Implement revitalizing Tap & Clap Cardio sessions into your existing programs to address the problems of sedentary lifestyles and negativity. TCC can be easily integrated into your community centers, senior residences and other senior group settings.


Age Smart Fitness takes into consideration chronic disease
issues in the planning and development of its programs.

TCC Certifications

The Tap & Clap Cardio Teacher Certifications give you the confidence that you have something new, fun, and effective your senior (65+) clients will love.

3 TCC certifications are offered; Level 1, 2 and 3. Each includes a theory and practical component supported by exercises, training videos and transcriptions.

This online certification program gives you the knowledge, the tools, and the practical skills you need to teach TCC with confidence and success.

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Building Blocks and Fundamentals

Level 1 focuses on having fun using a simple yet effective approach to improve attention, coordination, and functional strength. This gentle program is appropriate for seniors with joint and balance issues, seniors living with onset dementia or Alzheimer's, and seniors
requiring rehabilitation in long-term living facilities and residences.

Alternatively, offer a revitalizing and joyful 10 -15 minute Level 1 cardio component in a senior fitness chair class or a stimulating warm-up in primary care or cancer support groups.

Training content includes videos, transcripts, and music suggestions:

1 Warm-up routine
5 Sequences
1 Choreography
1 Stretch routine
5 30-minute class plans

Cost: $345



Class Creation and Safety

Level 1 is a pre-requisite for Level 2

In Level 2, we focus on improving endurance, strength, balance, coordination, and memory. The learning process includes understanding three body/mind principles to improve stability, flexibility, and relieve pain. Safely progress exercise intensity and complexity to support skill acquisition and improve functional mobility in a fun and relaxing environment. Modifications for injuries and chronic disease issues included.

Level 2 offers a dynamic cardio and exercise chair program for seniors who may or may not have joint and balance issues.

Training content includes videos, transcripts, and music suggestions:

2 Warm-up routines
4 Sequences
3 Choreographies
1 Stretch and Strengthen routine
1 Relaxation exercise
5 Class Plans

Cost: $345



Leadership and Creativity

Level 1 & 2  are pre-requisites for Level 3

Level 3 focuses on:

​a) Stimulating creativity, self-confidence, and problem-solving abilities
​b) Practicing improvisation, creating sequences and choreographies
c) Exploring leadership qualities and skills

Level 3 is where we achieve mastery of the TCC programming, our ability to deliver the prepared content and create our own.

Training content includes videos, transcripts, and music suggestions:

1 Warm-up routine
4 Sequences
2 Choreographies
1 Stretch and Strengthen routine
1 Relaxation exercise
3 Class plans

Cost: $345





A one year access to 10, 30-minute exercise classes with music.

Safe and joyful fitness classes broadcast directly into seniors' living rooms via the residence's in-house television network.

Offer the fun-filled and motivating Tap & Clap Cardio program to counter sedentariness and feelings of isolation.

Taught by Lisa McLellan, creator of TCC and active aging expert, accompanied by a small group of seniors.

Lisa shares positive energy and useful wellness tips in each class.

To accommodate resident schedules, broadcast each TCC class several times a week at different times.

Offer dynamic and joyful TCC classes all year long.

Cost: $1250

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TCC exercise program in a nutshell:

  • Cheerful, relaxing, and loved by seniors.
  • Simple, efficient and safe.
  • Improves functional strength, balance, and coordination.
  • Improves concentration, attention, and memory.
  • Stimulates neuromuscular integration improves reaction time and functional mobility.
  • Motivates and inspires with wellness tips and good humour.

TCC content is varied educational and includes challenges appropriate for a diverse senior clientele. In addition, this program uses principles of progression and development to ensure participant safety.

Tap & Clap Cardio, the magic "little pill" that lifts seniors' spirit and gets them moving safely