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  • May 19th, 2018

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  • August 24th, 2018



Tap & Clap Cardio

Tap & Clap Cardio (TCC), developed by Lisa McLellan, is a cheerful and rhythmic chair aerobics exercise program designed to invigorate and inspire older, or more fragile seniors. Lisa uses this innovative approach to create simple, fun and effective exercise experiences that motivate seniors to move and feel good.

Implement fun and revitalizing Tap & Clap Cardio sessions into your existing programs to address the problems of sedentary lifestyles and negativity. TCC can be easily integrated into your community centers, senior residences and other senior group settings.

TCC the « magic little pill »
that lifts senior’s spirits and gets them moving safely!

This 1 day training will provide you with the skills and tools you need to lead Tap & Clap Cardio sessions.


Age Smart Fitness takes into consideration chronic disease
issues in the planning and development of its programs.

You will leave feeling confident that you have something new, fun and effective which your senior (65+) clients will love. The certification includes a theory and practical component, a manual with pictures of the TCC movements, sequence suggestions and verbal cueing notes as well as music playlists, and health tips on different topics important for seniors.

This training is for you whether you give fitness classes to seniors, are an employee of a residence (recreation facilitator, health care worker, social worker, fitness instructor), physical rehabilitation technician, a volunteer involved in senior organizations and activities, a caregiver, or simply interested in becoming a certified Tap & Clap Cardio instructor.

TCC is a dynamic and rewarding workout, whether for 10 minutes as a warm-up for a variety of different activities, or as a part of your regular exercise classes. TCC is full of fun and smiling faces, and will keep both you and your clients fit and happy.

Training Content

  • To understand seniors and their wellness needs
  • Who is your client?
  • What are his/her needs?
  • What are the effects of physical activity on the health of older adults?
  • How do we motivate and involve older adults
  • The importance of music to move energy and stimulate seniors
  • Brief overview of chronic disease

  • To learn a variety of movements, be able to explain and adapt them
  • Know a variety of movements, be able to explain and adapt them
  • Involving every part of the body in the movements
  • Organizing movements into sequences
  • Learning the vocabulary related to the course content, cueing for motivation and safety
  • Modifying movements for different physical conditions (pain, injury, chronic disease)
  • Safe execution of movements

  • To develop leadership and teaching skills, to build self confidence
  • Self knowledge
  • Experience the Tap & Clap Cardio program
  • Develop leadership and teaching skills
  • Practice verbal cueing for safety and motivation
  • Practice leading TCC in small groups

  • Positive effects of Tap & Claq Cardio Program Benefits
  • How to promote TCC in your centers, residences and communities
  • Improved coordination and memory
  • Toning and strengthening of muscles, including the heart and lungs
  • Oxygenation of the blood
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system to support the immune system and weight loss
  • Twisting, bending, stretching and tapping on the surface of the body to stimulate the flow of energy in the meridians which is beneficial to the vital organs
  • Practical lifestyle tips for seniors to take responsibility for their health
  • Creates a feeling of wellbeing and sense of belonging to a group
  • Provides pleasure, relieves stress, stimulates happiness and smiling
  • Loved by men as well as women
  • A social experience free of negativity !


  • To love seniors
  • To love music
  • To love to move or dance
  • To love Life

The one-day TCC Certification will give you the knowledge, the tools and the practical skills you need to incorporate TCC into your existing activities with confidence and success.


  • Theory: lecture
  • Stimulate creativity and self confidence
  • Demonstration of TCC concepts and program
  • Exploration of how music and rhythm impact the clients’ experience
  • Practical application : leading TCC in small groups

Training Objectives

  • To understand seniors and their wellness needs
  • To learn the TCC vocabulary and technique
  • To develop leadership and teaching skills, build self confidence
  • To understand the impact of fun physical activity in the lives of seniors


295$ per person which includes:

*** Early Bird Special $250 ***

  • TCC online certification content page: 5 tutorials, 9 sequences, 4 choreographies (all video format) )
  • A Tap & Clap Cardio manual with pictures of TCC movements
  • 10 class plans and 10 music playlists
  • DVD (wellness tips and physical exercises - available in fr only)
  • Poster to promote this activity (electronic format)

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1 day training : $295.00

Early Birds : $250.00 (Register before August 15th)

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A few years back I was introduced to this this amazing person! Sometimes you meet someone and you hit it off. I've flown her into Toronto a number of times to come and deliver, what I believe to be the best Active Aging Training Education out there right now! Why? One reason, it comes from her tens of thousands of hrs. actually teaching the Active Aging market!

Today. Well, I could not be more proud of her. She just completed this great book, get yourself a copy. It's called: All I Really Need is My Health. And if that wasn't enough, she appeared on CTV. Watch the video.

Lisa McLellan, thank you for all you do! This one’s for you!

Kennedy Lodato
Kennedy Lodato Director of Education CFEA (Canadian Fitness Education Alliance)


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