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Eleanor DunfordEleanor Dunford

In 2006 when I joined Lisa’s classes there were many things going on in my life such as a major family crisis, lower back problems (2 slightly herniated disks), pain in my feet and legs all the time because of heavy gardening and not taking care of my body. Also I was studying Ontological Quantum Coaching, NLP and participating in other Personal Development courses which lead me to doing a lot of travelling to the US West Coast.

There were times when I returned home from a trip excited to go to Lisa’s class because working with my body; doing yoga, stretching, chi-gong and a Mind Body integration class was helping me cope overwhelming stress. I believe these classes were crucial to my success in achieving what I wanted. Each week I attended at least 3 of Lisa’s classes and I began to notice that my body was healing. I felt stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually. Taking care of myself with regular exercise, making changes in my diet – motivated by Lisa’s sharing about her experiences in changing her diet, managing my stress has become a way of life.

These changes in my life style habits assist me in feeling happy, content, peaceful and healthy, as well as giving me a true sense of balance within myself. Lisa brings a lot fun to her classes, is such a loving and caring person. She teaches and coaches us directly from her heart. Thank you Lisa!

Ginette BelairGinette Belair

My laboratory results showed that my levels of bad cholesterol were high. I had never had weight problems before menopause. I was thin, fit and in great shape. I never had to follow diets or food plans. I worked in hospitals, as a nurse for many years. I was a witness to the awful consequences and diseases caused by obesity. I could not deny to myself the health risks I was headed for especially since I have a genetic predisposition for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. I knew that I had to take control of my health. I had to do something. I was more determined than ever to start moving.

I was so happy and amazed to have found in Lisa someone who is interested in the real needs of the aging population. I was very impressed by her gentleness, her professional expertise, her empathy, her vast experience as well as her sense of humour. She is special, so funny and endearing. Training with Lisa is a gift of life. Her teaching is not limited to exercise alone. She is very motivating. She raises our awareness with adapted and progressive exercise, supports us for weight loss, teaches us posture and body/mind integration. We learn to manage our stress. She is an extraordinary coach. To train with Lisa is to rediscover the child in you.

Everyone works at their own pace while having fun! It’s really a great pleasure. Training for me has become a lifestyle choice just like breathing. I succeeded in losing a total of 91lbs over 4 years. I have maintained this loss for 3 and a half years now. My last check up in 2013 revealed that my good cholesterol is so high that my risk for heart problems/stroke is now at 2% Taking charge of yourself is up to you. Lisa helps to make this easy!

If by any chance you have the luck to meet and work with Lisa McLellan, don’t hesitate.

Sandy-GordonSandy Gordon

What I loved about Lisa was her ability to integrate her life experiences and her professional experiences to create a program for me that made me feel like I could come to classes and enjoy my fitness training without “beating myself up”.

My then 56 year old body felt tired! I felt that if I didn’t work out for 2-3 hours a day until I was a sweaty mess I had done nothing. Lisa taught me to respect my aging body and to honour my new self! Attending her classes introduced me to other women with the same issues.

Together with Lisa’s guidance I have moved forward to a “happy place” where I can go to classes and enjoy a fitness plan that makes my now “60 year old body” feel great!!

Kathy O'Rourke

I attended your workshop and just loved it!

I was truly impressed, enlightened and inspired. So much so, that I went back and taught a class . . . just yesterday!  It was well received, and with the want of regular classes. The class loved the dowels. I can’t believe how  fun and cheap they are.

I so love working with the aging population, it is one of my strengths and areas of growth. You have just given one of my biggest gifts, thank you so much for that.

Alec Dewdney

I really enjoyed your delivery and your message. Your delivery was nicely modulated and really caught my attention. A hard thing to do toward the end of the convention. The plan for engaging non movers was excellent and as a well toned workout nut I found it at times challenging and I always could feel the muscle engagement when I carefully followed your instructions. Well done.


Dearest Lisa,

You were absolutely amazing in delivery of this course and so much more. As I drove back, I reflected on the entire weekend and realized how much the 2 days changed my perspective on so many areas of my life and future.

#1 How I will start my second career is so much more clear. I have already spoken to my best friend about volunteering with her seniors in her home. Mostly alzheimer patients.
#2 “Get out of the way of myself”  I can go on and on about how I figured this out.
#3  I don’t have to defend, protect or prove anything – if I do I am manipulating – WOW!! So so true. And do you think I would want to manipulate anything or anyone, but I see how this makes so much sense.

You know you can go on to bigger and better for yourself and train, empower so many more people. I am ever so grateful to you and the future friendship / relationship I will have with you. I will be emailing for guidance for sure!!


Janie Zwicker-Stolf

I had the pleasure of taking your Balance and Co-ordination workshop at Can Fit last weekend.  It was amazing how a workout can be derived from at light-weight wooden dowel!  It would be excellent for one of my clients with osteoarthritis.

I greatly appreciate the music you used.  It was very appropriate. Thank you for a very interesting and exciting workout.

Cheryl Sargeson

Hi Lisa, I taught classes this morning and implemented many of the things you showed us in your workshop. I was very impressed with your session and got a lot out of it. I have been coming to CanFitPro conferences for 14 years and like that there are new people like you bringing new things to us.Thanks again.

Carolyn k Cornish

Lisa McLellan is an experienced, wise guide to Active Aging with over 20 years of experience. From my view point as an experienced teacher, I watch Lisa pay particular attention to everyone in her class. I look around and see people of my age, 65 and older, the odd pregnant or younger person, and an older man or two. There is a wide range of age and different physical abilities. With kindness, wisdom and essential humour, Lisa guides each one of us and misses nothing. Gently, she brings back flagging attention or, on the spur of the moment adapts an exercise for an individual. The hour passes almost too quickly. I bring the exercises home with me. She has absolutely changed how I see aging.

Hope MacIntyre

My doctor was very impressed with my progress….I feel much better… I have a lot less arthritic pain.

Louise Splaine

Since I started taking these classes I have lost weight, lowered my cholesterol and have less pain in my knees and ankles.

 Jean-Marc Grondin

My doctor told me that I was really lucky that I was in such good shape when I suffered my stroke…I was back on my feet in 6 weeks. The Dr. told me to go back to the gym and keep training.

Gisèle Lapierre

Believe me I am 50 plus plus plus. Thanks to Lisa, her professionalism, her patience, her cheerfulness and sense of humour she has managed to make me feel 50 minus minus minus.

Rachel Wentworth

Lisa is a very competent teacher. She knows how to adapt to the group. She respects the efforts of each and gives attention to all without exception. Since there isn’t any competition between us we can progress at our own rhythm. I have learned a lot from her teaching.

Kennedy Lodato

A few years back I was introduced to this this amazing person! Sometimes you meet someone and you hit it off. I've flown her into Toronto a number of times to come and deliver, what I believe to be the best Active Aging Training Education out there right now! Why? One reason, it comes from her tens of thousands of hrs. actually teaching the Active Aging market!

Today. Well, I could not be more proud of her. She just completed this great book, get yourself a copy. It's called: All I Really Need is My Health. And if that wasn't enough, she appeared on CTV. Watch the video.

Lisa McLellan, thank you for all you do! This one’s for you!


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Lisa McLellan founded Age Smart Fitness in 2006. Age Smart Fitness is dedicated to the health, fitness and mental well-being of people age 40 and over.


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