Ecuador – A Leap of Faith

Part One – The Decision

This is a bit of a touchy subject … very real for Dan and me, though possibly not for you.
When we realized that the “unvaxxed” basically no longer had rights – ones that we expected and had taken for granted in a free society – we started to feel very uncomfortable. No matter what arguments and rationale were used to justify actions taken by the Quebec and Canadian governments, the fact was that I found myself being treated as a societal pariah. I was discriminated against, called names, blamed, prevented from working, and barred from participating in my community in hitherto unimaginable and often totally senseless ways. To be treated in this manner by clients, friends and family was profoundly shocking, scary and hurtful. For despite my choice, I was exactly the same person as before.

Free spirits don’t want to be told what they can and can’t do. They want to have the right to choose. Let’s not get into a debate of right or wrong, or it was necessary or whatever. We can agree to disagree. Suffice it to say that this experience of rejection and ostracization was the most potent trigger in pushing Dan and I to let go of the known and embrace the unknown.

The decision to leave took shape gradually. First, it was a growing feeling of disbelief and discontent. What can we do? Is this how we want to live? Is it safe for us to remain here? These were questions we explored and discussed. The intensity mounted as the restrictions increased. The last straw being the very provocative restriction of not being able to leave the country without a vaccination passport despite testing negative and not being required by certain airlines and countries. Prisoner in my own country. Unconscionable.

In the end of February of 2022, out of the blue an opportunity presented itself that set off a sequence of events. A casual conversation led to an invitation by a good friend to participate in an interesting project in Ecuador, a country we had never visited on a continent we had never seen. Wow daring! 

Dan was less hesitant than I to accept. Do we rent, or do we sell? That was the first difficult question. We decided to sell for several reasons as well as the one mentioned above. Construction was going up all around us, ruining our little paradise; real estate prices were favourable for sellers, we loved to travel. It’s now or never we said. I also stood to inherit a beautiful property with my brothers in St. Sauveur, Quebec.

We made the decision in March. In April, we prepared the house. On May 1st, we put the house up for sale. Visits were scheduled for the weekend of May 14th. We accepted a great offer on May 18th. We signed on July 7th, 20 years almost to the day after I bought. FYI, we did not receive one request for a visit after those first visits. Nada. Then the market tanked. Now that’s alignment!

The next phase was an interesting challenge and complex mix of making decisions, taking concrete actions, finding solutions and of letting go in a very short time frame.

More on that in Part Two.



  • tara stepenberg

    Reply Reply November 9, 2022

    enjoying learning about your inner and outer travels – thank you for sharing as well – interested in part 2 – cheers

    • Lisa

      Reply Reply November 10, 2022

      Hi Tara! As the weeks go by the inner transformation is going through many stages of learning, releasing, understanding, accepting and opening to living in the unknown. I will be sharing. Wishing you the best.

  • Louise Bonhomme

    Reply Reply November 10, 2022

    Hi Lisa and Dan , very interesting your story..!
    I am looking forward to read more.

    Félicitations ? j’ai toujours admiré ton courage et grande force intérieure..?

    • Lisa

      Reply Reply November 10, 2022

      Merci Louise. L’aventure commence. Tout est à découvrir ?

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