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I Deliver Freedom

As coach and trainer, my mission isn't just to bring fitness - I bring freedom. The freedom of energy, freedom to move without pain, freedom from limits that restrict, freedom to keep living the dream. I help you to build balance and strength, and to find power you didn't know you could have.

Well Being for Life - and for Living

After 20 years of teaching, in 2006 I created a program called “Well being for Life”, designed specifically for the over 40 population. In developing this program I wanted to go against the grain of "gym culture". I knew that many of the kinds of exercises that most fitness trainers like to do are hard on bodies, or just plain hard to do when you are an avid exerciser.

From the beginning, I had the kind of success with Well Being for Life that I could only imagine and hope for.

When people find something they love, they do it with passion.

I love to help people move.

Move Freely, Improve Your Balance, Feel Less Pain

Many of my clients come to me with challenges. Weakness, pain, poor posture, stiffness, chronic disease or injury, or a lack of awareness of the body. As I developed ways to try to customize the program to them, they showed me just how much the right kind of exercise could mean. Their posture improved and with it their balance and strength. They felt less pain, had more energy, more freedom of movement and more enthusiasm for life.

Without realizing it I was changing my own life as well as the lives of those around me.

An Older Body is Different

Where some other training programs teach the same exercises over and over, I have continually evolved my program to get to the heart of the matter - the bodies of older adults need a different kind of exercise. And the older, more mature mind wants to exercise joyfully, not with stress - and to be approached with greater tenderness towards the challenges it faces.
Join me and I will show you the joy of movement that maybe you've lost - and the freedom to live life more fully. To stand taller, bend and move better, and to bring fitness not just to your body but to your mind as well.


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Bal-Core Program
Flow Ball Program

Who's Lisa

Lisa McLellan graduated from Concordia University with a BA in Contemporary Dance. She went on to do her MA in Dance Therapy in Boulder, Colorado where she was introduced to a variety of approaches including Authentic Movement, Body-Mind Centering and Tibetan Buddhism. This specialized education combined with her dance training fostered in Lisa a profound understanding of how body and mind come into alignment to improve and enhance life, meaning and pupose.

Founder and CEO of Age Smart Fitness Academy, Lisa shares solutions for innovative and enjoyable programming to improve quality of life, vitality and disease prevention. Lisa has developed a safe and effective approach to health and happiness through fitness and active aging programs.

Aside from movement, we all need meaning in our lives.
My clients are what inspire me. I wake up looking forward
to helping you become your best self, and to live each day
passionately and fully - free from limitations.

Keep your
Brain Fit Too

Science backed exercise to
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