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Motivational Speaker

Lisa speaks with passion and is not only extremely knowledgeable but a great motivator.

If you need to motivate adults to become more active and more involved in self-care, Lisa's talks are perfect for you! Or if you want to understand the impact, the challenges and the joy of working with the aging population, Lisa is the speaker you need.

When Lisa speaks, she makes her audience feel, laugh, and think. She moves them to want to become more fit and live life to the fullest - and gives them the confidence they can do it. Lisa's talks are captivating and fun as well as informative; her speaking style is friendly and interactive.

Lisa knows that people want to take better care of themselves - but they need to know how. She is excellent at inspiring, teaching and providing practical solutions.


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Speaking Topics

Aging in the 21st century: health, purpose, engagement and longevity. Equipping and training individuals and professionals to meet the challenges of aging with triumph.

Age Smart, Work Smarter

Life-long health and fitness for a happier, healthier you

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Enhance stress management and promote employee self-care

"Older is the New Cool"

Shifting paradigms: Defying ageism

Train for success - The 100 Year Lifespan

Custom Topics Available

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Who's Lisa

Lisa McLellan graduated from Concordia University with a BA in Contemporary Dance. She went on to do her MA in Dance Therapy in Boulder, Colorado where she was introduced to a variety of approaches including Authentic Movement, Body-Mind Centering and Tibetan Buddhism. This specialized education combined with her dance training fostered in Lisa a profound understanding of how body and mind come into alignment to improve and enhance life, meaning and pupose.

Founder and CEO of Age Smart Fitness Academy, Lisa shares solutions for innovative and enjoyable programming to improve quality of life, vitality and disease prevention. Lisa has developed a safe and effective approach to health and happiness through fitness and active aging programs.

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