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  • Allergies

    Ahahah … Allergies ! The arrival of spring signals for many the arrival of allergy season. The us

  • Aging as Disrupter

    The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) reports that aging is one of the fo

  • Older Adult Fitness Program

    Be Smart, Fit, and Happy - at Any Age Research shows that exercise can improve your brain and ward

  • Fall Breathing Exercises

    Let's breathe together. Let's start with abdominal and back breathing. Conscious breathing helps to

  • Spinning The Vitality Wheel

    Forward or backward which way will it go – against the grain or in the flow? The choice is yours.

  • To Juice or To Smoothie?

    What should I do, Juice or Smoothie? Juices and Smoothies are both loaded with nutrients, give you a

  • Clean your liver

    Chinese Breath Exercise - Lisa McLellan It is tim

  • Sciatic Back Pain Video

    The Problem of Pain Excerpt from Lisa's "All I Really Need Is My Health" book, month 1, week 2 Fit-

  • Prevention is the Best Cure!

    Cancer is now the leading cause of death in Canada and is responsible for almost 30% of all deaths.

  • Resilience

    It’s amazing the resilience of the human spirit isn’t it? Think back on your own life, on the ch

  • Radiant Health

    Physical well being. Clarity of mind. Health and fulfilment. Lightness of heart. Weight loss. Purpos

  • The Gift Of Time

    Up and running, instead of running to catch up. Isn't that what you want? It isn’t just our profes

  • ARE YOU 50 or OVER?

    If so, you are one of the 110 million people in North America alone who are facing the challenge of

  • Freedom Travels - Part 4

    I absorb glorious Mexico into every one of my cells as I scan the horizon of San Miguel de Allende f

  • Clean From the Inside Out

    Clean the body from the inside out? Detoxifying and cleansing are part of our normal body processes.

  • Freedom Travels - Part 3

    After six weeks of leisure it is time for centering. A necessary and important step in the process o