Can I say Yes to Life ?

Glorious summer! Aaahhhh.

I am having so much merriment. I know, it has been a very dry July. Too dry. I am praying for the rain to fall too; for the plants, the lakes and the farmers. Still, even with the water challenge, this Summer is offering many of us a wonderful opportunity to experience pleasure and relaxation, to gather together, to exchange and celebrate. It’st time to build up our vitality and charge our batteries.

Time for a healthy dose of Vitamin D from the sun – don`t forget to cover yourself between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm. Time to eat plently of locally grown, fresh fruit and vegetables; less empty carbs, more raw, enzyme rich food. Here’s to the new Morin Heights Market at the Legion! Time to be active in the most pleasurable of ways by swimming, biking, kayaking, canoeing, gardening, walking, playing with the kids, going to festivals and relaxing with friends. Smiling, laughing and having fun! Yeah. And what about time for those wondrous quiet moments, either early in the morning, late at night or at whatever time you take them. You are taking them? Those tranquil and solitary moments where we center and ground ourselves, where we listen and quiet our minds enough to hear the guidance of our inner voice and the blessed sounds of nature; the shimmering sound of a light wind in the leaves, the calming, rhythmic sound of lapping waves on the shore, the sweet and melodious sound of the summer song birds. I hope you are taking some time to enjoy yourself this summer. To be aware of the powerful healing nature has to offer, and to partake in it. Don`t take for granted the small gifts such as the fanciful firefly or the challenges which makes grow. Please don`t take for granted those who love and care for you the most. Open your eyes and see beauty. Open your ears and hear beauty. Open your heart and feel love. Open your arms and receive the gift of being alive.

The choice is yours. This fact is so very important to accept, to understand, to embrace. No matter what life is like for you at this moment – and we know that for some it is easy, for others it is not and for others still it is extremely difficult – how you experience it, remains your choice. How you deal with your challenges is a personal journey which helps you to cultivate self responsability, self determination and self motivation. Many of us have yet to develop the skills of mental discipline and of surrendering to what is … and so continue the lessons of life as we slowly evolve in consciousness, in ability, in happiness..

I invite you to be full of courage. Catch yourself when you are thinking, speaking or acting in a way which is deprecating, unconstructive, mean, rude or full of complaint and self pity. Can you say YES to life? YES to health and the corresponding effort of will. YES to yourself; forgiving, gentle and kind. Can you choose to let go of your resistance to the way things are? If you can`t for whatever reason, then say YES to as many things as you can. When you say YES you allow your vital energy to flow, to grow stronger and become more powerful; to drive you onward in the most satisfying of ways. Cultivate this important dialogue with yourself. Take an honest look. You have evrything to gain from it. Continue to make daily healthy lifestyle choices in the area of cellular nutrition, physical activity and your attitude towards life. Start anew everyday. Feel good, enjoy, share, relax deeply and fortify yourself. Take a deep, cleansing breath, and on the exhale sigh a soft hhaaaaaa of pleasure. Lift the corner of your lips and do the smiling meditation. Feel it in your heart and welcome that little seed of joy which will sprout and bloom as you nurture and nourish it with a YES to life.

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Lisa McLellan founded Age Smart Fitness in 2006. Age Smart Fitness is dedicated to the health, fitness and mental well-being of people age 40 and over.


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